TransferChain App
Secure & Private Cloud Storage, File transfer, and Message on the Go
Download TransferChain for your mobile device to access true security and privacy from everywhere you go.
Core Features
Simplified Way Of Sharing Files Securely
With just a few taps, you can securely and easily share documents, photos, videos, or any other type of file. You can choose to share your files via email or by creating a link, even if the recipients do not have a TransferChain account.
Keep Your Conversations Private
Whether you’re catching up with friends, coordinating with colleagues, or just staying in touch with loved ones; any message you send over TransferChain can only be seen by you and the recipient.
Real-time notifications ensure that you’re always up-to-date with your conversations and can respond to messages quickly, even when you’re on-the-go.
Securely Store And Manage Your Files
Store and access your files from anywhere, at any time, knowing that they are protected by zero-knowledge encryption, blockchain, and distributed cloud. Easily manage your storage, with options to upload, download, and delete files.
Recovery Phrases
Keep Control Of Your Precious Data At All Times
The recovery phrase is each user’s secret key that’s necessary for accessing their data in TransferChain. Without it, there’s no way anyone can get their hands on your data.
Unparalleled Security
Your Keys, Your Control
Files uploaded to TransferChain is end-to-end encrypted before it leaves user device, while it’s being transferred and when it is stored in pieces.
Distributed Cloud Structure
Unlike traditional methods, data uploaded to TransferChain is broken into chunks and distributed across multiple clouds.
Blockchain Authorization
Ensure that your data is tamper-proof and cannot be altered or deleted without your permission.
Regulation Compliant
Through privacy-by-design, all data processing activities are conducted in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.
Safely Experience TransferChain On Any Device